Bytewise Organic is a quality assured food to people across the globe to help them choose a healthy lifestyle.

“Bytewise” was started to introduce health-conscious consumers with products created by equally health-conscious people who wanted to contribute and see to it that the desire and the right to a healthy life are addressed across the globe.

With that in mind, we set out to deliver products that served the health choices of the people. We wholly support organic farming and are committed to ensuring that each product that is presented to you is passed through the highest level of quality tests and matches with the industry benchmarks.

Our Process

We strive to maintain and provide healthy food and quality services to our consumers, and for that, we ensure that best practices are adopted at each stage of production.

We provide 100% pesticides free zone, Naturally grown organic foods by adopting:-

Advance use of Technology:

Natural environment: Foods are prepared in the nutrient-rich soils of Indian farms, in the regions where they have been cultivated from generations, which allows us to gather produce that is grown in its natural habitat.

Geo-Tagging and tracking:  Our farms are installed with the latest geo-tagging sensors and technology that help us monitor and keep a track of the products and how it is being treated, thus enabling traceability, compliance, and sustainability.

Crop Selection & Examination We very carefully select naturally grown produce, which is fresh, ripe and of optimum levels, and then examine them to ensure that they meet the certification benchmarks.

Processing and Assortment

The raw material is then sorted, processed, and packed in our factories where utmost attention is given to hygiene and cleanliness, which maintains the purity and the nutritional value of the produce.

Skilled Team: Experienced professionals are employed to personally keep check of the finished products, giving assurance of genuine quality. We invest in intensive quality testing for all our products to further ensure that they are best suited for consumer consumption.

Lab Testing Our products are tested by Eurofins Scientific ( and TUV (

All these enable us to serve you with the best food that one can get without having to compromise on the quality.

Certified by: Our products are completely certified by the

Our Presence We currently have our products available across all the major retailers in India, Oman & USA in the states of California, Washington, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia. We are constantly expanding our outreach to serve other international and domestic markets.