Bytewise Organic Bengal Gram Whole/Brown Chickpea/Kala Chana

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Tags: Organic Chickpea, Organic Chana Whole, Organic Kala Chana, Organic Chickpea Whole

  • Bytewise Organic Brown Chickpea or Bengal gram whole or Kala chana is rich in protein, iron, and fiber, has soft texture, is easy to digest, and can be cooked quickly.
  • Certified USDA organic, EU organic and India Organic
  • Premium Quality in 2 Lb BPA-free packaging
  • Kosher certified & Halal certified
  • GMO and Chemical free

S.No. PDF Lot No Batch Detail
1 Test-Report-No.-GGN_F(C)_18_002491.pdf 17/M164/256 17M0420, 17M0920, 17M1110, 17M1230 Download
2 AR-17-KV-001094-01[201742416148]-Logo.pdf 17/M15/80 17M0420 Download

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