Bytewise Organic Cracked Whole-Grain Wheat / Wheat Porridge / Wheat Dalia

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Tags: Organic Wheat Porridge, Organic Wheat Dalia, Organic Cracked Whole Grain Wheat

  • Bytewise Organic Cracked Whole-Grain Wheat or Wheat Porridge or dalia is a delicious breakfast/superfood. Bytewise Organic Wheat porridge is authentically organic with no added salt, sugar, or preservatives.
  • Certified USDA organic, EU organic, India Organic, Kosher and Halal
  • Organic Daliya is high on fibre, protein, and B vitamins , all of which play a crucial role in weight loss. Daliya makes for a great option for those on a weight reduction diet. You can spruce it up by adding lovely and nutrient dense veggies like carrot, peas, tomato and capsicum. Dalia is low in calories, glycemic index.
  • Organic Wheat Dalia is a hit superfood in the asian sub-continents . Since ages, daliya and its healthy properties have found many fans in-and-beyond the fitness circuit.

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