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Puffed rice is a variety of puffed grain that comes from Indian and made from rice. It is widely consumed in India. But it is also popular to consume in other Asia countries too.

bytewise organic Puffed rice are white in color and puffed within the grain shell, Approximately equal size of beaten rice.

bytewise organic puffed rice is prepared from completely organic rice, and steamed and dried in a way to make them crispy and crunchy.
It is formed by the reaction of starch and moisture when heated within the shell of the grain.

Culniary Usage  

  • commonly used in breakfast cereal or snacks food.
  • Puffed rice is the most important ingredient of BhelPuri, a popular India chaat (snack).
  • puffed rice can be served with milk as a breakfast cereal.
  • Try to put some cereals with puff rice. It will beneficial your health and avoid your body to gain more weight.

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